What are the characteristics of steel lockers?

12-05, 2022 / in News

We all know that lockers are indispensable office furniture for an office. There are various styles of lockers, among which the most commonly used lockers are steel lockers, which we often used in work, so they occupy an important position in the market. So, let me introduce it to you in detail below.

What are Steel Lockers?

This kind of locker is also called iron sheet locker. As the name suggests, it is a kind of cabinet made of steel plate through a series of manufacturing processes, which is widely used in companies, schools, hospitals, government agencies, factories and other places.


What are the characteristics of steel lockers?

1. Its material selection is exquisite, and the common material is made of SPCC high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, with strong load capacity and very good quality. The welding part adopts high-standard welding technology and exquisite workmanship, which makes the effect of the cabinet smooth Smooth, beautiful and durable;

2. Its surface uses high-tech technology for electrostatic powder spraying. This powder is high-purity, free of impurities, odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and harmless. It will not affect human health when used, and meets the national safety production standards. ;

3. It adopts the design of opening the door and has the function of handle. It is very convenient to take the files and materials without making too much noise; the sealing effect is good, it can prevent moisture and dust, and it can better save files and materials;

4. Its production has a standard size, and its expansion is relatively good to meet the needs of customers. At the same time, it has a complete and reasonable storage system, which is fully functional.


Precautions for steel storage cabinets

1. When purchasing steel lockers in the market, you must first check whether the lockers have been phosphated and pickled. Usually, the cabinets that have been phosphated and pickled may be refurbished cabinets to reshape the aesthetics, but their quality The star will be relatively poor, and the moisture-proof effect is low, so you must first confirm it before buying;

2. Check the thickness of the cabinet wall. Some merchants will make it thinner in order to use less materials. In the case of the same price, we must choose carefully. At the same time, we must also look at the internal welding technology and firmness. Avoid stumbles.

3. Pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance after purchase, and avoid sharp tools from scratching the surface and damaging the locker.


The above is a detailed introduction to steel lockers, I hope it can help you choose office cabinets.

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