What are the selection skills of tin filing cabinets?

07-27, 2022 / in News

File cabinets are mainly used to store items. By sorting trivial and complex items, it is easier for us to find them when looking for them. Especially in offices, libraries, reference rooms and other office places, it is also more common in life. However, there are many manufacturers producing products, and the brand types are also uneven in the industry, so how do we choose a high-quality tin filing cabinet among many brands? What are the selection techniques?

1. Look at the production strength of the manufacturer

The strength of the manufacturer will affect the quality of the products it produces to a certain extent. Compared with ordinary manufacturers, manufacturers with stronger strength have stronger qualifications, and their sense of value creation and innovation is relatively complete.

Usually, strong manufacturers often integrate R&D, design, production and sales, and have a full range of service systems.

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2. Look at the material of the raw material

If the iron filing cabinet is to be of high quality, first of all, it is necessary to choose a plate with a better material and a relatively high quality, which has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity. The high carrying capacity means that it can store heavier items. In addition to the high quality of the selected panels, the high quality of the file cabinet also requires the support of the manufacturing process and advanced production equipment. When processing the panels, the equipment uses one-time stamping and three-fold reinforcement to enhance the bearing capacity. Each layer can carry 60kg, which is more pressure-resistant than ordinary file cabinets.

3. Look at its detailed design

When choosing a tin filing cabinet, look at whether it is convenient and practical. When choosing, pay attention to whether the built-in pressure plate of the file cabinet is adjustable. This is because there will be differences in the items we store. If the built-in laminate is adjustable, it can be adjusted according to actual needs to diversify the storage specifications. Also, pay attention to whether the handle design of the cabinet door is convenient. Also, if you purchase a mobile-style filing cabinet, you also need to pay attention to whether an anti-collision device is installed at the door shaft, because it can not only prolong the service life of the product, but also reduce the closing noise.

The above is an introduction to the relevant skills and methods of choosing iron filing cabinets. When choosing a filing cabinet, you can make reference and learn from it to help us choose a better tin filing cabinet.
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