What are the functions of steel file cabinets?

12-05, 2022 / in News

As a commonly used office furniture, file cabinets are no strangers to everyone. In daily applications, file cabinets are basically used to store archives. In addition to store files, what functions do file cabinets have?


1. Store files.

Steel file cabinets, as the name suggests, are cabinets for storing files, which is also its most basic function. In daily work, a large number of files need to be sorted out, and some infrequently used materials must be preserved. If these files are piled up casually, it will be very troublesome to find them, and it may not be possible to find them after wasting a lot of time. Put the files in the steel file cabinet, and when you need to find them, you can easily find them according to the location you put them.


2. Store collections.

Storage of files is a basic function of steel file cabinets, in addition to placing collections inside. Antiques, red wine, etc. collected daily can be placed inside, which not only saves space for storing these items, but also protects these items from moisture and damage, which invisibly improves the company's cultural quality. This function is something that many users of steel filing cabinets have not tried. Those who are fond of collecting in this area may wish to give it a try.


3. Upgrade the confidential file cabinet.

In many cases, we not only need to store some ordinary documents, but also need to store some important documents and contracts. At this time, ordinary steel file cabinets are relatively not so safe. At this time, adding a combination lock to an ordinary steel file cabinet can transform it into a confidential file cabinet. The combination lock is more secure, just like an enlarged version of the safe, and it is very safe to put important files in it. .


In addition to the three functions of steel filing cabinets mentioned above, steel filing cabinets also have many hidden functions that can be developed. In daily use, we can make inferences according to our own needs, so that the steel filing cabinet can truly become our good office assistant.

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