Introduction to the production process of steel filing cabinets

08-25, 2022 / in News

Steel filing cabinets are cabinets made of cold-rolled steel plates through a complete set of precise manufacturing processes, mainly used for placing, documents, materials, and various archive items. It is divided into file cabinets, filing cabinets, lockers, shoe cabinets and various lockers.

Main tools for steel filing cabinet manufacturing: shearing machine, folding machine, punching machine, acid-base pool, welding machine, electrostatic spraying machine Raw materials: cold rolled plate, electrostatic spraying powder Auxiliary accessories: key, door handle, door Activity pages, activity feet, etc., the production process is as follows.

Steel filing cabinet body craft:

1. Cut the cold-rolled steel plate into different sizes with a shearing machine as required. According to different file cabinet products, different file cabinet positions (such as door panels, side panels, top, bottom panels, partitions, back panels), the size and style of the cut iron plates are also different.

2. Use a punch to deangle the cut iron plate. Different file cabinet positions (such as door panels, side panels, upper tops, bottom panels, and partitions) have different deangle styles. There is a special mold for dehorning. Large factories are generally pipeline operations.

3. The iron plate with good corners is bent with a bending machine, and folded into different curved shapes according to the position of different file cabinets.

4. After folding the side panel, upper top, middle panel, bottom panel, back panel, slideway, clapboard vertical beam, etc. of the file cabinet, use a spot welding machine to spot weld. Grinding, no putty is required, and different products are produced according to different file cabinet styles. At this point, the file cabinet as a whole is ready.

Steel filing cabinet

5. Pickle and phosphatize the whole file cabinet after spot welding, and remove the grease and rust on the surface of the iron plate.

6. Put the cleaned file cabinet in the spraying workshop for electrostatic powder spraying. The produced products have no pungent odor and are environmentally friendly. The color of the file cabinet is generally gray and white. The powder used by each manufacturer is different, and generally there will be some color difference; the sprayed product should be heated at a high temperature of 180-200 degrees Celsius.

7. After spraying and heating, the products can be sent to the assembly workshop for assembly, and the partitions, slides, drawers, doors, debugging, etc. are installed in the assembly workshop. After assembly, the quality inspector can pack and prepare for storage after passing the inspection.

8. The packaged file cabinet products are stored in the finished product warehouse according to classification, and are ready for delivery.

Notes for purchase:

According to the above process, each process affects the quality of the finished product. When purchasing, you will not be deceived by mastering the following three points:

1. The thickness of the sheet, the thickness of the finished product = the thickness of the material + the thickness of 0.1mm (plastic powder). The finished product is generally composed of two parts, the inner panel is relatively thin, and the measuring panel and the door panel are relatively thick. The thickness mentioned by the merchant is the thickness of the door panel, which should be negotiated with the merchant.

Steel filing cabinet

2. Looking at the spot welding technology of the internal structure, the dense and solid products are firm.

3. Whether it has been pickled and phosphated. Now some manufacturers use oil to clean the cold-rolled plate. Without pickling and phosphating, the plastic powder cannot be completely integrated into the steel plate when spraying, and the moisture-proof quality is relatively poor.

The above is the whole introduction of the technological process of steel filing cabinets. Manufacturers need to carry out strict quality control of each process to ensure the quality of finished products.

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