How to choose the size of the file cabinet?

07-27, 2022 / in News

There are a variety of file cabinets that can be placed in office filing cabinets, including wooden filing cabinets, steel filing cabinets, and plastic filing cabinets. But in comparison, steel filing cabinets are the best choice. However, after the selection of file cabinets, there is a new problem, that is, about the choice of file cabinet size, what is the size of office file cabinets in general, and how to choose?

1. Master the general size information of the file cabinet.

Our commonly used office filing cabinets are steel filing cabinets, which not only have a long service life, but also are beautiful, fashionable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Regarding the conventional dimensions of steel filing cabinets, they are generally: 1800mm high, 900mm wide, and 390mm deep, which fully meets the needs of our daily office archives.

file cabinet

2. Measure the size of the space you need to place the file cabinet.

The premise of buying and placing office filing cabinets is that we need a space that can be placed and installed, and it is a suitable space, then we need to have an accurate data on the reserved space to prevent the purchase of steel filing cabinets. Inappropriate size occurs. There are various types and types of file cabinets to choose from. According to the size of our reserved space, we will also choose a more suitable file cabinet to make file management more efficient.

3. If you have different needs, you can customize the size of the file cabinet.

There are many choices of file cabinets to meet the needs of different units, but if so many file cabinets do not have the model we want, then we need to find manufacturers to customize the file cabinets. We can customize file cabinets that better fit our space size, or we can customize file cabinet styles that are more in line with the aesthetics of our office. Although custom products are a bit more expensive than regular models, it is worth it in order to have a better product experience.

The problem of office file cabinet size is actually very easy to solve. Knowing the size of conventional file cabinets, knowing your own needs and space conditions, you can buy the most suitable file cabinet products!

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