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How to manage the file cabinet is more convenient


Filing cabinet is usually a cabinet for storing file information. So how can it be more convenient to manage the document cabinet?
The file cabinet has entered the intelligent upgrading to another development grade, so the file cabinet is no longer just a few empty panels made of steel plates or boards.
At present, an intelligent file cabinet with a digital file system is invented. Its intelligent label is synchronized with the tag on the physical file that is synchronized with the Wi-Fi and the computer by PC and the index library. When the user wants to search the files in the intelligent file cabinet, it only needs to enter the file name of the computer, and the file cabinet will automatically solve it. The lock, the flashing LED displays the location of the file. The red LED indicates the location of the file, while the green LED shows that the power consumption is very intuitive.
Document is a very important material for each company. It is one of the factors that directly affect the operation of the company. So every office place is set up to facilitate access to files, but every cabinet in the file cabinet is the same. If there is no management measures such as markup, the file is very disorderly, then Office How can the file cabinet be efficiently managed and convenient for file access?
File cabinet should be efficiently managed and convenient for file access. First, each cabinet is numbered in sequence, and then the cabinet door is placed in a "list of documents of the cabinet" so as to check the folders in the "cabinet" at any time.
The staff of a company should form the habit of storing and returning documents according to the number and name of the file cabinet, so as to facilitate management.

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