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Wet days don't open to south windows.
For families that have been decorated, damp season should be especially careful. First of all, try not to open the south facing windows in wet weather, because the airflow in the south is warm and humid. Second, the weather should not open the window and ventilation, especially when the outdoor environment is wet, the window should be less open or not, when the sun is out, the window should be opened again. In addition, in the corner of the wall, the wardrobe placed a moisture box, activated carbon and other dry articles to prevent moisture, the effect is limited, can use drying equipment to increase the temperature of the room to remove moisture. Such as the electric heater that is commonly used in winter. Air conditioning can also be used to dehumidification mode and dehumidifier to remove moisture.
Different furnishings are moisture-proof in different ways:
Wooden children furniture: the key to moistureproof of wooden children's furniture is to keep its gloss. It can be evenly coated on the furniture surface with a special cleaning agent or protective wax, and it can be gently wiped.
Artificial plate children furniture:
If the sealing edge is not good or dampness, it is easy to absorb water and cause the expansion or damage of the furniture plate. Therefore, the furniture of artificial plate should be done well in the beginning of use.
Cortical children furniture:
Leather furniture will become cold and harden after wetting. It will be prone to mold on some surfaces. Even some furniture will deform or fade after damp. After the dust removal and the removal of mildew, the surface of the leather should be applied to the surface of the leather mink oil and leather oil. The leather sofa can put some desiccant under it to keep dry.
Cloth art children furniture:
The cloth furniture is moisture-proof, it is necessary to use a special vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on its surface. In the "return to the South", it can be used to blow the sofa with the low-grade hot wind of the wind tunnel, which helps to remove the moisture in the sofa.
Metal children furniture:
This kind of furniture should be used in wet days with dry cloth. If rust occurs, it can be washed with a dishwashing cloth or toothbrush with antirust agent and then shined with dry cloth.

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