Company Culture

What is our purpose

Company Culture

Customer success, we succeed

Since its inception, Xinhui has been pursuing the core values of "customer success and our success" and is committed to becoming the "world's most advanced office furniture production company". The purpose of Xinhui company is to serve our customers with our technology and products, through the "Three - win" strategy of "three wins" (users, manufacturers and operators) to promote the development of the local economy. At the same time, the company's internal departments and departments are also customers, solidarity and cooperation to achieve a total win.

People oriented and common growth

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, talents are the key resources for economic growth and market competitiveness. Xinhui always regards talent strategy as the primary strategy of the company's development. While focusing on its own talent cultivation, Xinhui actively strengthens the introduction of talents. At the same time, the company gives full play to the creativity of employees, "80 points of ability, 120 stage", and encourages employees to tap potential and exceed the limit. In management, we are good at knowing people, employing people and raising people, focusing on high performance and encouraging employees to challenge themselves. "Staff and company grow together", which is why Xinhui condenses a large number of talents.

Pursue innovation, fight Vanguard

Innovation is the root of an enterprise's youth. It is Xinhui's innovative idea that "doing what others have not done". This spirit of innovation is shown not only in technological innovation, but also in the management mechanism and working procedure, which makes Xinhui stand out in the fierce competition of the communication market.

Work efficiently and focus on the results

Xinhui emphasizes that the company and employees should be targeted and efficient, and should be guided by results, so as to combine "responsibility, right and profit". Treat work, be initiative and dare to be responsible. The company actively implements advanced management of 6 Sigma to ensure high quality and high efficiency.

Factory Environment

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